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Most of the online stores located in US do not ship goods overseas or they do it at a much higher shipping rate. Also, not all stores accept payments if cards are issued by foreign banks.
Our service can help you order goods from any store located in US. It can be shipped to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan with fast and reliable delivery to your doorstep. If your payment type is accepted by the store, you are click away form purchasing goods such as: electronics, clothes, shoes, toys and much more.

You can place an order in any online store located in US.

For your convinience, we created a categorized list of the most popular online stores.

Most online stores are NOT set up to conduct international transactions. Therefore, sales tax is applicable to most of the purchases you make online. Fortunately, our warehouse is located in the tax-free state of Delaware, which exepts stores from adding sales tax if the purchase is being shipped to this state. Which means that you get to enjoy an extra savings on your purchases.

Most of the goods intended for personal use can be transported without an issue. Some goods can be classified as dangerous or not intended for personal use. If you have doubts and not sure if the items you want to order are eligible for the transportation, you can always contact us at

Maximum allowed weight of one shipment is:
30 kg for Uzbekistan
31 kg for Kazakhstan

Uzbekistan - the total value of goods received during 1 quarter per person must not exceed 1000 USD.
Kazakhstan - the total value of goods received during 1 month per person must not exceed 500 EUR.

If the value of the goods exceeds the norm, the customer will have to pay custom duties in accordance with customs rules and regulations of the importing country.

Maximum dimensions: 1.50 m for one of the measurements or 3 m in the circumference
"Some item are bulky but light in weight and therefore are calculated using dimensional weight formula. Dimensional weight is based on volume (the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight)".
The formula for calculating the dimensional weight

Payment methods:
· PayPal
· Visa / Master Card
· Bank transfer - by request

Delivery time is 5-8 business days from the time your package leaves our warehouse

Yes, ATLEX can repackage and/or combine the packages so that the cost of delivery is as low as possible for the customer.

ATLEX is responsible for the safety of goods from the moment the arrival to our warehouse is confirmed and until we deliver them to you.

Parcels are delivered to the address specified during the check out process in your Storage and Ship Center

You can use our "Assisted Purchase" service where we pay for your goods directly to the online store. If you are using "Consolidation" and "Assisted Purchase" services you can still combine them into a singe parcel in your Storage and Ship Center.

Free storage time in the US warehouse is 45 days.